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  • Surgical vs Non-Surgical Procedures – The “Great Debate” of 2022

    FIGUR8’s clinical experts discuss the findings of a recent BMJ study, not the size and scope of the universe as Shapley and Curtis did in 1920. A recent New York Times article summarized a study published in the British Medical Journal that examined the effectiveness of common orthopedic surgical pr
    Aug 15, 20234 min read
  • Modernizing Musculoskeletal Care - The Need for Musculoskeletal Injuries Management Tools

    Musculoskeletal injuries are challenging to manage, mostly because clinicians are relying on human experience (subjectivity) to evaluate a multi-dimensional soft tissue injury that is changing over time. The only objective evaluations use static imagery technologies (X-Ray and MRI) which only captur
    Jun 25, 20203 min read
  • Using Technology to Make Humans Feel More Human

    I recently had the opportunity to speak with FIGUR8 investor, David Daglio. As the former Chief Investment Officer at Mellon, David helped design, launch and manage a unique equity investing approach that drove industry-leading performance and won numerous awards. My question for David was this: how
    Dec 15, 20235 min read
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